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I am a native Coloradoan and I’ll be the first to tell you that Colorado has changed a lot in a very short time. I have embraced the change and have enjoyed working with a wide variety of people in a range of industries throughout my career. My experience in meeting planning, tradeshow management, real estate sales, fix-and-flips, financial training and coaching, and most recently, my virtual-assistant business, has brought out my natural ability for organization.

In every phase of my career I have always been very organized and eager to share my organizing “secrets.” People have often complimented me on how organized my home, my office and my life were. When I wanted to add value to my Virtual-Assistant business, Organizing Services were the natural add-ons, as that is what I am truly passionate about.

For the past 10 years I have been organizing business professionals but most recently made a discovery from getting customer feedback.  I had several clients tell me, that while I left them with a beautiful office and a great filling system that worked in the moment, but after time they found themselves disorganized again.  Piles of paper started to accumulate because life happens and changes occur, however the filing system was not ‘sustainable’ and did not adjust with change.  I went on a quest to find a cutting-edge system to support 21st Century Business.

I found it with the Paper Tiger Productivity Institute, founded by Barbara Hemphill, a veteran professional organizer with 30 years of experience, certifies only a select group of professional organizers.  I am now a certified Paper Tiger Authorized Consultant and iPEP Specialist which can deliver sustainable, high-quality Productive Environment products and services that are proven to be effective.

Let’s Finally Get Organized, LLC is an outgrowth of my passion for supporting people who want to live the life they deserve, without clutter and managing their valuable time. My vision is to provide organizing and productivity support, solutions and insight to help people develop and maintain a positive attitude toward consumption, to take control of their time to do the things most important to them.

And at the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than seeing the look on a client’s face after she has taken back control over her time, possessions and her life—instead of letting time and possessions control her life.

Brenda Martinez is an Organizing and Productivity Consultant who is known to inspire, motivate and direct accountability to action in a very non-judgmental and compassionate way.  She has Organized clients such as:

  • Corporate to Small Business
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small Business Owners
  • Home Business Offices
  • Personal Home Offices

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